Wholesale rate update (2022-07-01) – with NO dirty surcharges


We will be updating our Managed A-Z Termination rates and codes on July 1st 2022.

As usual, these changes are colour coded in our full rate files available through the portal as below. Whilst this update mostly comprises reductions (especially in EUR and USD denominated rates), there are some increases to a couple of UK destinations at the Startup level. These are due to changes in market dynamics, notably the predicted reduced competition  in transit.

Unlike other operators, we are not passing on UK origin surcharges, relying instead on our advanced technology to protect you and us from this industry’s latest sleazy money-grab. We will maintain this position as long as possible so our customers do not need to worry.

Rate files
Full rate sheets with codes are now only available through the portal or from our API for active customers. Once logged in to the portal you can find them in the “commercial” section.

Please contact our sales team if you are not a customer and would like to see our rates.

Ancillary rates (inc. SMS & fax)
Our rates for ancillary services can be found here – this includes an increase to the invalid CLI surcharge for those (few) customers who have a CLI waiver in place. Rates for numbering (UK, US, and Global) can now be found here.