Wholesale rate update (2018-12-18)

We will be updating our Managed A-Z Termination rates and codes on December 18th 2018.

Why not send us your CDRs from other operators and compare what we’d have charged you?

Rate files
Our rates can be downloaded below. Please see our new website to understand our different service levels. You can check (and change) your current service level in the “Commercial” tab of the portal.

Managed Interconnect Subject to status
Other service levels GBP EUR USD

Please note that full rate sheets with codes are now only available through the portal or from our API for active customers. Once logged in to the portal you can find them in the “commercial” section.

Files for recent rate updates can be found in the archive. This includes updated rates for porting in line with our updated policy.

Non-call rates (inc. SMS & fax)
Our rates for ancillary services can be found here.