Manchester 10Gb Metro-LAN

We now have a redundant 10Gb/s ring around the major data-centres in Manchester. This is our own wave passing through all the major data-centres in a protected ring.The ring presently passes through:

  • - Williams House
  • - Kilburn House
  • - Synergy House
  • - Reynolds House

This may be of interest to customers requiring:

  • - stable layer2 between Manchester data-centres - a rarity historically
  • - stable layer2 between Manchester and other data-centres on the Simwood network
  • - access to Simwood Transit (full, partial or TiNet) from other Manchester data centres
  • - access to a VPLS on the Simwood network
  • - a private peering session with Simwood in Manchester

Please let us know if you have a requirement that we can help with.